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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is related to all things about the anti-bullying conference for young people.

QUESTION: I am over 18 years of age and want to attend your conference ANSWER: This is a young people's conference and all adults must bring at least one young person with them between the ages of 10 years to 18 years.

QUESTION: I want to register some young people between the ages of 11 to 18 years of age to attend the event ANSWER: Great. Please go to the registration page. Choose either the PDF or HTML versions, print off, fill-in , sign and return to us by post. If you would like a hard copy of the registration form sent out to you plese send us a stamped addressed envelope.

QUESTION: I am presenting at your conference and want to speak for 40 minutes ANSWER: Presentations can last for a maximum of 10 minutes each. If you want longer then it may be possible for you to have one of our workshop spots which last for an hour.

QUESTION: I am a VIP and want to speak longer than your allocated 10 minutes ANSWER: See the above answer. 10 minutes maximum for all presentations - this is the same rule for everyone. It does not matter how important you are.

QUESTION: I am a teacher or a youth worker and am bringing along some young people to the event. What is my role? Do I just leave them, do I just hang around or can I join in to? ANSWER: Adults that bring along young people are expected to stay and support the young people that they bring. If you you want to get actively involved then that is also possible, please contact us for details about volunteering on the day, including acting as Stewards etc. There will be many activities that will interest you, including the packed exhibition hall and numerous netowrking opportunities. We hope that the event will be fun, educatiuonal and enlightening for you too. It will also give you a chance to listen to the views and voices of young people from around the country.

QUESTION: Can I turn up on the day? ANSWER: No. Everyone must register in advance and have their places confrmed in writing.

QUESTION: How much does it cost to attend? ANSWER: This is a free conference, lunch is provided free too. If you register and do not turn up then you will be liable for an admin charge of 100 per person.

QUESTION: I would like to speak or give a presentation at the event ANSWER: Contact us to arrange a time slot. These are booking up fast.

QUESTION: How many people can I send to the event? ANSWER: The normal amount is three young people and one adult supporter from each school or organisation. If you require more places then please contact us

QUESTION: Can we come for just one day? ANSWER: This is a two day event, the 2nd day builds upon the first and priority will be given to those coming for both days. If you want to come for just one day then you will be placed on a waiting list and given a place if they are available.

QUESTION: What about the costs of travel and accommodation? ANSWER: This is a free event and you will be able to attend all the activities, workshops, films, and evening entertainment free of charge, you will also get a free lunch on both days, but you will need to pay for your own travel and accommodation. B&B rates in Weston-super-Mare are very reasonable. For those on very tight budgets we have some local families who may be able to put you up free of charge - please contact us for details.

QUESTION: Can our organisation have an exhibition stand? ANSWER: We have a total of 40 exhibition stands available in the dedicated exhibition hall. Over half of these had gone by the middle of July 2006. The dimensions of the spaces are: 3 metres x 2 metres. We can provide you with a table and 2 chairs or you may like to bring your own stand. If you would like to book a space then please contact us.

QUESTION: What about child protection issues? ANSWER: Schools and groups sending young people are expected to have their support staff CRB checked. All our staff have been CRB checked.

QUESTION: How do we register for the conference? ANSWER: You can download an application form online here, or contact us to send you out a hard copy.

QUESTION: Can we film the conference? ANSWER: No. Video cameras are not allowed in the conference venue. You may bring a stills camera if you wish.

QUESTION: We want to make a donation to the conference. How do we do this? ANSWER: Financial contributions are greatly appreciated. Please make cheques payable to 'i power i' and post to the address on our contacts page.

QUESTION: We are a business and would like to support you, how do we do this? ANSWER: Some companies are giving financial contributions and others are donating gifts towards the conference proceedings and the free raffle. All businesses will get branding. Please contact us for more details about sponsorship and branding options.

QUESTION: How do we get to Weston-super-Mare? ANSWER: Direct rail link from all over the UK, the venue is 5 mintes walk from the train station. Bristol airport is 30 minutes drive. The venue is 20 minutes drive from the M5 motorway. Full details and a map are available here on the conference website.

QUESTION: We are from TV/Radio channel & want to interview victims of bullying? ANSWER: Sorry but we cannot provide you with any case studies, victims or bullies for your media presentations.

QUESTION: I would like some posters to display ANSWER: We have 2 kinds of posters available. A3 (small) and B1 (very large). For 2 x A3 posters please send us a cheque for 2.50 to help cover postage and a tube to role them up in. For 2 x B1 posters please send us a cheque for 3.99 to help cover postage and a tube to role them up in. Please make cheques payable to 'ipoweri' and post them to the address on our contacts page.